How to Set Up and Create Audiences with Quora Pixel Events

Quora Pixel Events

How to Set Up and Create Audiences with Quora Pixel Events

Quora reinforced its advertising options. Now online marketers can use improved Quora options in order to target their businesses on a larger scale. Take a look at how Quora can improve your company growth.

How Quora Pixel Events Work

Before, advertisers on Quora were able to create audiences based on visitors to specific URLs. But it has drastically changed since the last update.

The new feature appeared in Quora Ads Manager. It allows creating new audiences focused on 9 standard events or custom conversions created by you.

This great refreshment of Quora interface helps to target uniquely those users who performed the action on your website (for example, who added to their shopping cart or completed the purchase).

With this great Quora tracking pixel, it is easier to optimize the Ads based on not just one event but multiple — for example, Add to Cart, Add Payment Info and Purchase and others. It allows having more flexibility in using Quora Ads for pushing your business. Based on how your customers happened to appear in your purchasing funnel, you can build stronger advertising opportunities for your business.

In order to realize how you can use new audiences based on Pixel Events, take a look at this mini tutorial.

How to Enable Quora Pixel Events in your Business Account

1. In order to enable this option, you need to be logged into Quora business account. If you don’t have one, be fast to create it and sign in as an advertiser. It doesn’t take much time to start showing your Ads on Quora.

2. To proceed, you will have to set your budget, campaign name, and targeting options.

3. Once done, create your first Ad based on your preferences.

4. Under Pixel & Conversions tab, you can check which pixel events to choose. Your current pixel implementations will be stored under “generic”. However, if you’d like to try focusing on multiple events, it is important to add relevant event tags to the core pixel code. It can be done in the same Tab.

Quora Event Pixel

Every time you create a new campaign, you will be able to test new pixel events to get the most of Quora advertising. This event should be associated with an appropriate pixel tag.

How to Exclude Users Who Purchased

In this scenario, you are an advertiser willing to set up a completely new campaign in order to search for users who purchased any products on Quora within past 30 days.

In this case, you will have to ensure the 2 conditions are being followed:

  1. You have enabled Quora Pixel Events and have set up a specific pixel event called ‘Purchase’.
  2. After that, go to Ad Set page and pick #1 – ‘Exclude Audience’.

Quora gets smarter in reporting

Moreover, view-through conversion tracking allows getting information about users who did not convert straight away after the Ad under Pixel event was shown to them.

Sometimes, people don’t click on the Ads but remember what was shown to them and go directly to the website. They may google in the browser and convert 24 hours afterward. It is now taken into account by Quora reporting. You can see those late converters in Quora custom reports.



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