Amazon Advertising

Learn more about Amazon advertising and how it works. Find the most recent and powerful tips and tricks on how to manage Amazon advertising.

Advanced Amazon Reporting

Understanding & Analyzing Amazon PPC Ads Reporting – Your Complete Beginner’s Guide

After your first Amazon campaigns have been created, you will face one of the most difficult and at the same time, one of the most exciting parts of amazon advertising. This is the step when you will have to test different strategies and keywords to figure out what works best for your product. From my experience, the same strategy may not work the same for different products and accounts and no one will be able to guarantee you sales. You [...]

Amazon Ads Guide

All You Need to Know About Amazon Ads Campaign Set Up and Management

How to set up your first Amazon campaign Before we start our first Amazon ads, let’s figure out where we expect our Amazon product to be shown. It is very important to understand the placement, as the position of your ads will depend on the type of campaign which fulfills different goals of your business. The type of campaign and placement will also influence the number of orders you can get, the conversion rate, costs, and profit. So let’s dive [...]

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads for Vendors are Now Available on Amazon

Sponsored Display Ads are now open to a number of vendors throughout the world. This new Amazon campaign type opens a range of possibilities. Millions of businesses started to run the new way of advertising on Amazon and already gained their first significant results. Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are very easy for setting up and running. The interface is designed to make the process smooth and unnoticeable. You don’t need programming skills and knowledge to take the full usage of [...]

Learn PPC Online

How to Learn PPC Online: Your Complete Guide

How to learn PPC online? If you’re an emerging startup with not enough budget to hire a specialist, a beginner marketing agent, or just a curious person willing to get new skills – you will definitely ask yourself this question! Advertising is everywhere these days. You find it along the streets, on whiteboards, even in the middle of nowhere… You surely hit it a few times when you are watching a video on YouTube or when you are searching Google. Ads may [...]

Amazon Ads

Increase Sales with Amazon Ads: Ultimate Tutorial

Nowadays, Amazon is one of the most progressive marketing platforms for eCommerce websites. 300 million Amazon users have the highest percentage of buyer intent. Almost ¼ of these users have an Amazon Prime account. Running an advertising campaign on Amazon offers a range of Ad types you can use for promotion:Sponsored Ads (Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands) help you reaching your potential customers directly when they do the search. They can find those Ads on the pages of search [...]

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