How to Market Jewelry Stores with Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC Jewelry

How to Market Jewelry Stores with Facebook PPC

Marketing a jewelry store is a rewarding job. There are quite many options and marketing channels but it is hard to find out which one works without experimenting. You should opt for better visualization and create attractive offers to the relevant audience.

That is why Facebook is one of the greatest options you might have. Currently, PPC advertising options on Facebook are great compared to other social media platforms.

Why advertise on Facebook?

  • First of all, it is relatively cheap if you set diverse detailed targeting. That is how you will get inexpensive numerous clicks.
  • Secondly, Facebook is really visual and gathers audiences ready to acquire clothing, jewelry, and luxury products. It is the best place to target them. Instagram offers a great way for visualization but it might be more expensive.
  • FB platform is easy for statistics and reporting. It has a comprehensive and user-friendly interface.
  • And of course, Facebook is wonderful for experimenting. It allows setting small budgets and running campaigns for a limited time while showing objective results.

How to Set PPC Advertising for a Jewelry Store?

Facebook offers a wide range of great tools for PPC advertising. It really makes the process simpler as it knows what problems marketers and shop owners usually tackle.

Extensive targeting options offered by Facebook both in geography and the population help to target the best leads. Customize your campaign based on interests and behaviors that reflect your target audience. Great audience tools to make a narrow group of people for your first Ad group.

If you have your Facebook page promoted with nice custom posts, you can use them in your Facebook Ad campaign. You don’t even need to spend additional time to build new fancy Ads. FB will boost your current posts on a post-engagement campaign.

Best Targeting Options for a Jewelry Store

So, what targeting to focus if you’d like the right people to see your products?

First of all, topic-related interests and behaviors:

  • Jewelry
  • Handmade jewelry
  • Art jewelry
  • Costume jewelry
  • Jewelry design
  • Star jewelry
  • Gold-filled jewelry
  • Pandora jewelry
  • Dreamland jewelry
  • Jewelry (band)

You can also find some brands among interests on FB:

  • Kendra Scott jewelry
  • John Hardy jewelry
  • Florence Scovel jewelry

If you don’t want to be so straightforward, you may choose some other related interests as your target audience can be among people interested in other beauty products and clothing.

There are plenty of targeting options on Facebook:

  • Beauty salons
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances
  • Hair products
  • Spas
  • Tattoos

This can also be your target audience:

  • Clothing
  • Fashion accessories
  • Online shopping
  • Luxury goods
  • Boutiques
  • Shopping malls

If you’d like to get some more inspirational targeting, you might include Fitness and Wellness, in particular:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Physical fitness

To make sure that your audience is inclined to do some shopping, you may tighten it with this amazing targeting by behavior – Engaged Shoppers. These people constantly purchase different online stuff.

Make Your Jewelry Store Friendly on Facebook

Customize your jewelry store in order to make potential customers entirely happy with their experience. You can even do it on the platform itself. Facebook presents a wide range of options that allow having a powerful store and gaining new clients constantly.

You can prepare a brief list of the bestselling products with a few samples. If done properly, you can get better results than on Instagram.

When your jewelry store is well-built and showcased on Facebook, users will get a bright idea just after their first visit. That is how, they start thinking of possible acquisition straight away, and you don’t lose your precious time.

Don’t Forget About Building Reviews

Nowadays, it is all about review marketing. Before to make up an idea about your product, people will search for related reviews and mentions. Facebook’s company review feature helps you building new trustworthy reviews for your brand without using any additional software.

These reviews are very powerful. They appear on Google search results while users search for your store. That is how you gain respective brand awareness on social media.

Video Ads are trending now

Why would you use video in your marketing strategy?

  • Video Ads have 5 times longer retention;
  • Video posts have 6% higher engagement than usual image posts;
  • Video is a great way to get to know new brands and products.

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