TOP-10 Software Ideas for Your IT Startup

Software Startup Ideas

TOP-10 Software Ideas for Your IT Startup

Any startup starts with a great idea. Until you elaborate on a progressive idea for your business to grow, your leadership goals won’t just work.

So here’s your plan:

  1. Step 1: Study the market and define trending topics
  2. Step 2: Run experiments to make sure you’re on the right way
  3. Step 3: Start investing in the development
  4. Software startup trending ideas

Step 1: Study the market and define trending topics

It is a good start for any idea implementation. Before investing your budget into a startup based on an uncertain idea, you should absolutely spend time on getting some knowledge about the market trends.

How to explore trending topics?

There are multiple online services that are here to help you define the best demand at the current date and time.

Most often you can even use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to track perspective on some hot topics.

Once done, the initial startup idea should transform into a valuable offer. It’s time to run experiments to see how people respond to this offer.

Step 2: Run experiments to make sure you’re on the right way

Experiments help you find out if the topic you selected and the offer you provide based on this topic correlate with people’s needs. In other words, will people be interested in your startup and its expertise?

Sometimes it looks like the topic is super winning and there’s no way to fail. Running experiments will show what things really look like.

The easiest way to run experiments is by using Ads – Google Ads or Social Media Ads. It is the fastest, the most scalable and controllable way of running some initial experiments.

Most often the success of your experiment is based on two elements: the offer itself and the marketing element. Make sure to have a creative marketing team for the best outcome of your experiment.

Step 3: Start investing in the development

Once you proved that your startup idea will work, expose your plan to your development and marketing team, and start working on it!

Here are some ideas for your software startup. They may lead you in a good direction on the way to a fruitful business.

Software startup trending ideas

1. Medical software

“Medical” and “healthcare” are trending topics right now. It is still not too late to start developing your medical software that will work with multiple electronic data concerning patient records, statistics, research. Manual data entry is not error-free that’s why the demand for good data management medical software is often there.

2. E-learning tool

Online education and virtual classes are now a trend! Now, the world is globally transforming into a virtual space. You can rarely physically interact with other people.

Where will people get the knowledge? Online resources, schools & universities, virtual classes, catalogs of free courses.

There’s a need to collect all this information in one place. It can be your unique and multifunctioning tool.

3. Content Software

Content creation is a great strategy for smart online marketing. The more content you need, the more time you invest in searching and testing new writers.

By providing an online tool that can do all the job itself using AI technologies, you can definitely beat the competition.

4. Invoice management software

There is a huge load of documents in banking, finance, and insurance industries. In order to process this amount of data, the market requires good software for data extraction and management.

Many companies outsource these services. First of all, you can get the idea of how your ideal software should look like, by just contacting these companies. If you provide a complete and flexible solution, you will definitely win the competition.

5. New CRM

Another old and still popular idea is to create a customer relationship management software that works on a subscription-based model.

It is up to your creative team to find out how the CRM will stick out as there’s pretty much enough competition in this field.

However, with the emergence of fresh and productive startups and eCommerce websites, it is a must to have a CRM.

6. Image editing software

Custom photo and image-making become a trend on social media. What was usually done by professional photographers – now anyone can make! People get more and more creative in making cool pics and videos with the help of online tools: cropping, adding motion, changing background, modifying style.

You can create an all-in-one software with multiple functions to beat the competition.

7. Customer complaints management software

That would be a great solution for any company if customer complaints solve automatically by smart AI-powered software.

This kind of tool can use data to provide fast and accurate answers to customer feedback as well as to classify and manage this feedback for further data analysis.

Many companies that have experience in outsourcing software, can provide technical advice on how this software can be developed.

8. Progressive time tracker

Although time tracking is not a new topic and there are many successful startups already, you can make a unique and impressive time tracker that will beat your competitors!

Tracking time is a valuable thing right now when the whole world is going online and many more companies introduce remote work routines for their employees.

Invoice management software

9. Grammar or Plagiarism Software

There are quite a few tools that offer nice grammar and plagiarism checks throughout the web.

Why would you do a totally new software for this?

First of all, those services are not perfect at all and they too become outdated with time. Moreover, they can be pricy for a high load of processing information.

By using progressive technologies, you can create a tool that will meet the needs of most companies.

10. Data conversion software

Nowadays, the priority of any big company is to save time and money for any task. The software providing speedy data conversion is an incredibly valuable solution in the modern world! The more accurate data and smarter technologies are being used, the more powerful this software becomes.

The software for this kind of data conversion may be good to have:

  • Image to text conversion
  • Video to text conversion
  • Audio to text conversion
  • Text to audio (speech conversion)

These functionalities allow fast and massive content conversion. It helps diversify and strengthen content works and content marketing campaigns.


There’s more fish in the sea. Sometimes, a startup can become a demand generator. The software you did not expect to explode, might change the future.

Good luck!

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