How to Use Shop the Look Pins on Pinterest

How to Use Shop the Look Pins on Pinterest

How to Use Shop the Look Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest expands the advertising options for marketers in different niches. You already know how to use Pinterest Shopping Ads and how Pinterest Video Ads can help you reach your business goals. However, the social media channel is constantly evolving and growing by providing new opportunities for business owners.

Let’s take a closer look at the new feature Pinterest offers to marketers: Shop the Look Pins!

What are Shop the Look Pins?

This is a type of Pinterest Pins that showcase the range of products on a model and allow buying any available product on the picture by clicking the three dots.

These Pins have awesome designs and are very well customized for your online store needs.

Why Users Like Shop the Look Pins?

  • It is easy to find the things you like and go directly to the shopping environment. The dream becomes a reality in no time.
  • It is a good way to get inspired by new things you didn’t see before by actually looking for other products. Shop the Look Pins represent the endless source of inspiration.
  • It helps users to build a more professional look by looking at the models and choosing the elements they like. It is especially good for fashion, clothing, jewelry products.

Why Do Store Owners Like Shop the Look Pins?

  • The sales funnel is direct and fast. It brings more sales in no time and helps gain more clients with the same marketing effort.
  • The way Pinterest showcases your product on these new Pins is very professional. It helps increase shoppers’ acquisition intent and buy a wider range of products by checking the same Pin.
  • Shop the Look Pins are available on desktop and mobile, that is how you can manage and analyze the shopping process smoothly.

How Shop the Look Pins Can Improve Your Business?

  • Increase the number of sales on a daily basis;
  • Showcase your product range in a more professional and efficient way;
  • Gain more with the same marketing expenses;
  • Get more customers and brand awareness by creating complete rich Pins for customers ready to buy.

How to Use Shop the Look Pins on Pinterest?

Now when you know about all the benefits of this new fantastic feature, let’s see how it works.

If your business is located in the USA, Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK, Japan, and Brazil, you can definitely use the Shop the Look feature!

If you are a Retailer, use Curalate or Olapic to make your first Shop the Look Pins. Tag the images and lead Pinterest guests to your specific product pages. To facilitate the process, you can use the tagging tool.

If you are a Creator, all you need to do is join the Community at ShopStyle Collective. It is a huge influencer network where you increase the reach and sales of your website.


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