Sponsored Display Ads for Vendors are Now Available on Amazon

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Display Ads for Vendors are Now Available on Amazon

Sponsored Display Ads are now open to a number of vendors throughout the world. This new Amazon campaign type opens a range of possibilities. Millions of businesses started to run the new way of advertising on Amazon and already gained their first significant results.

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads are very easy for setting up and running. The interface is designed to make the process smooth and unnoticeable. You don’t need programming skills and knowledge to take the full usage of Amazon.

With this new launch, Product Display Ads represent a part of Sponsored Display. Vendors have access to Sponsored Display targeting features and Product Display audience.

The new features of this pay-per-click advertising include the ability of retargeting Amazon users. You can find all the retargeting options available for businesses now, in this article.

It is a very useful feature for most brands working in the retail industry. It has already been introduced to the most popular advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook.

This feature was equally available on Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform). However, this solution is not accessible to small businesses. In order to use it, a company requires a significant monthly budget and skillful media and developer teams to manage this advertising channel.

However, you may notice that Amazon advertising is more expensive than general PPC. The cost of the platform is conditioned by the fact that it targets very specific convertible users with high buyer intent. Moreover, Amazon Ads target people outside of the Amazon platform as well. That is why the high cost is pretty much explained.

Here are the biggest pros and cons of the new Sponsored Product Ads.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads pros:

  • They allow focusing a very specific portion of traffic to detailed landing pages;
  • They help you increase brand awareness in your niche;
  • With the help of this option, you can see your best-performing products in competitors’ listing;
  • They help to gain more exposure to new unknown products of your brand.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads cons:

  • The default bid and budget are quite high compared to other PPC platforms. The bid is set by default at $2.00 and the default campaign budget is $100. It is easy to lose control when using the budget on multiple advertising experiments.
  • Limited customization for audience targeting. The audiences are built on users who expressed interest in categories related to your product, or on those who previously viewed your product detail page but haven’t yet purchased. There is also an option to focus targeting on selected product categories and products within Amazon.
  • Ads creation is also limited in text, images, and call-to-action that can be used in the Ad. All the elements are mostly determined by Amazon itself.
  • There are certain limitations where you will run Display Ads which is also controlled by Amazon.


In other words, most of the things and settings are limited by default criteria. The progressive DSP system represents more flexibility and choice. For example, it allows targeting those users who recently viewed competitor goods, etc.

However, this new Sponsored Display solution on Amazon is just the beginning. The range of opportunities offered to marketers will increase with time as specified by Amazon. There will be more targeting options, stronger control and more impressive results for small businesses.

Here’s what users read on the Sponsored Beta Amazon page:

“Advertisers will soon see additional Amazon Advertising display metrics, such as detail page views, Add to carts, and new-to-brand metrics, that demonstrate how Sponsored Display can further help grow your business.”

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