Facebook Lead Ads: Should You Use It?

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads: Should You Use It?

Facebook Lead Ads: Should You Use It?

Marketers worldwide were delighted when Facebook announced that it would begin testing lead-generating ads. Now, Four months later, lead ads are available to everyone, and it’s time to use this highly expected tool

As always with newest marketing tool, the first to use it will surely benefit. In no time, the demand for this tool will increase and so as the advertisement price.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Lead ads allow users to sign up for a newsletter, contest, more information, or any other gated content without leaving Facebook:

When a Facebook user see a marketing ad, along with a call to action such as “Get more details” and clicks it, Facebook automatically take his information from the profile into relevant fields in the sign-up form.

Instead of sending the users to a landing page wherein they will be asked to fill up the form and submit it, Lead Ads makes it a lot easier for the user and the information will be accurately documented which makes a HUGE difference in online marketing world and much higher conversion rates.

As expected, Facebook offers CRM integrations to most CRM platforms and It is highly recommended to set auto-responders to keep your leads happy and interested.

Should you use Facebook leads ads:

The answer is YES. The lead ads  are  great to tool to generate leads and  you can we can expect great results from this. Among 4 new campaigns we tested for different customers, we see a huge (40%-60%) jump in conversion rates. if you want more leads for lower costs, Lead ads tool should definitely be on your “To Use Marketing Tool” list.

As with most advanced Facebook ads and targeting, it is always recommended to try it first and get great results before all marketers create high demand and high prices for the products.

I use every new feature that Facebook creates and you can find more updates on the latest Facebook Marketing tools in the blog


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