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Facebook PPC Jewelry

How to Market Jewelry Stores with Facebook PPC

Marketing a jewelry store is a rewarding job. There are quite many options and marketing channels but it is hard to find out which one works without experimenting. You should opt for better visualization and create attractive offers to the relevant audience. That is why Facebook is one of the greatest options you might have. Currently, PPC advertising options on Facebook are great compared to other social media platforms. Why advertise on Facebook?First of all, it is relatively cheap if you [...]

Target Developers with Facebook Ads

How to Target Developers with Facebook Ads

In the event of a growing number of tech start-ups, entrepreneurship, small business owners and independent developers, there’s a vast audience sector opening up for marketing. What is B2D marketing? B2D marketing (business-to-developers) means a set of activities aimed at promoting and selling products to developers. As multiple companies in various industries already use software development products (financial sector, healthcare, banking etc), B2D marketing is growing every month. B2D tips and tricks Targeting developers is not always easy, and there are certain hacks you [...]

Learn PPC Online

How to Learn PPC Online: Your Complete Guide

How to learn PPC online? If you’re an emerging startup with not enough budget to hire a specialist, a beginner marketing agent, or just a curious person willing to get new skills – you will definitely ask yourself this question! Advertising is everywhere these days. You find it along the streets, on whiteboards, even in the middle of nowhere… You surely hit it a few times when you are watching a video on YouTube or when you are searching Google. Ads may [...]

Ad Strategies

TOP-20 strategies to get leads with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn ads

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is a great source of fresh and engaged users, potential leads, immense brand awareness and way to build up your popularity on social media. You can use them in different:Investigation and analytics that can help you define a better understanding of your competitors and a good idea of social media promotion and advertising. Building up awareness by managing groups on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and regularly posting fresh and updated content with high engagement rates. Establishing a stronger [...]

Dynamic Remarketing

What are the dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook and Google and how will they generate more sales on your websites?

Remarketing ads are ads that return past visitors to a website, app, or ecommerce site. These ads are a very powerful tool to increase conversions and sales using targeted ads with specific messaging, and they are a very powerful tool for online business in times where most users leave your website without signing up or buying. If you are selling a service or a product on your website, then remarketing is highly recommended, and you should build a campaign that [...]

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads: Should You Use It?

Facebook Lead Ads: Should You Use It? Marketers worldwide were delighted when Facebook announced that it would begin testing lead-generating ads. Now, Four months later, lead ads are available to everyone, and it’s time to use this highly expected tool As always with newest marketing tool, the first to use it will surely benefit. In no time, the demand for this tool will increase and so as the advertisement price. What are Facebook Lead Ads? Lead ads allow users to sign up for [...]

Targeting Tourist Facebook

Targeting Tourists Using Facebook Ads

Targeting Tourists Using Facebook Ads I have been searching for more effective ways to target tourists online for a long time. After targeting tourists based on the pages they visit using Google Adwords display network, I was very glad to hear that Facebook was planning to add an option to target tourists. A few weeks after the FB announcement, I had the chance to use this advanced targeting option and the results were even better than I expected! In this article, I [...]

Generate Sales Facebook Ads

How to Generate eCommerce sales using Facebook ads

How to Generate eCommerce sales using  Facebook ads Many eCommerce website owners and marketers are trying Facebook ads and finding that generating sales on Facebook is not that easy. On the other hand, there are many business out there that have been using paid advertising (FB & GOOGLE) for years and successfully generating sales. This difference in outcomes brings many eCommerce website owners to ask, “How come website X has been getting results from spending money on FB ads for [...]

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