Ecommerce PPC

Youtube for Great Exposure

Youtube advertising is all you need to get incredible exposure (Part 1)

Youtube is a major search and advertising network that is #2 after Google search (or sometimes even #1). Video search has gained incredible potential and power. Nowadays, most online users browse through video search. 80% of businesses worldwide opted for Youtube video channel and advertising. Most of them say that it helped to get more leads and push their brand. That is why it is a good option to advertise on Youtube by selecting a reasonable budget and by showcasing [...]

Instagram Tendencies

Check these NEW opportunities for brands on Instagram

Instagram now becomes one of the strongest social media channels, especially, in terms of generating leads and getting fast sales. Many online stores even have their business right inside Instagram. It is very handy as users don’t have to exit the store and get distracted from their initial purchase. According to statistical reports, more than half of companies worldwide plan to increase the total budgets for influencer marketing in 2019. 90% of them realize that Instagram influencers provide very important [...]

Quora Pixel Events

How to Set Up and Create Audiences with Quora Pixel Events

Quora reinforced its advertising options. Now online marketers can use improved Quora options in order to target their businesses on a larger scale. Take a look at how Quora can improve your company growth. How Quora Pixel Events Work Before, advertisers on Quora were able to create audiences based on visitors to specific URLs. But it has drastically changed since the last update. The new feature appeared in Quora Ads Manager. It allows creating new audiences focused on 9 standard events or [...]

Pinterest Shopping Ads

Pinterest Introduced New Shopping Ads for More Businesses!

People just love Pinterest! It is so visual and handy when you want to look through potential things to buy. According to statistics, almost 90% of people worldwide use the Pinterest platform for shopping. More than half of potential customers go to Pinterest in search of new products and ideas. You can find anything on there: from creative visual arts to modern cars and recycling clothing. It is overwhelming how the platform grows each day. Till now, Shopping Ads was an [...]

Dynamic Email Remarketing

Dynamic Email Remarketing – Smart Weapon for Ecommerce

From all marketing channels, the one related to reaching out people and promoting products via email is probably not so popular as AdWords or search engine marketing. Why is it so? Basically, it is an automated channel which means it is quite difficult to manage it without supplementary tools and techniques. Automation is present in most marketing channels. Email marketing is more efficient when it is automated. However, you can interact with your customers directly, in an old-school way, especially if [...]

Amazon Ads

Increase Sales with Amazon Ads: Ultimate Tutorial

Nowadays, Amazon is one of the most progressive marketing platforms for eCommerce websites. 300 million Amazon users have the highest percentage of buyer intent. Almost ¼ of these users have an Amazon Prime account. Running an advertising campaign on Amazon offers a range of Ad types you can use for promotion: Sponsored Ads (Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands) help you reaching your potential customers directly when they do the search. They can find those Ads on the pages of search [...]

Quora Retargeting

How to Increase Business Exposure with Quora Retargeting

Initially, Quora was used to increase business exposure as a social media channel. The way to easily promote a product or a service is quite simple. Owners and marketers use question and answer system where you can naturally sneak an extensive response and build brand awareness and trust. Moreover, the posts may include links. It is great to get a permanent link from Quora being one of the most popular and trustworthy portals. With time, Quora introduced the options for [...]

Pinterest Carousel Ads

How I Get 25% More ROI Using Pinterest New Carousel Ads

This week Pinterest introduced brand new promoted Carousel Ads that you can use to expand your business opportunities. Pinterest became available for business promotion not a while ago. New Ad options already known at Facebook, are getting popular on Pinterest. Promoted Carousel is a perfect chance to get the most from Pinterest brightly creative audience. It is a powerful experience that lets become more competitive and helps beat your competitors. Check this video to see how new Carousel Ads look on your [...]

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

All About LinkedIn Matched Audiences: Ultimate Guide for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great business network that allows reaching your potential customers in a few clicks. This social media network is more adapted for businesses or business-oriented searches. For example, if you’d like to boost your career opportunities – you definitely need to promote your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is used by more than 68% of online businesses actively. More than two-thirds of them generate real leads using LinkedIn. Of course, some industries are more successful there, others are not. If you [...]

Advanced Pinterest Ad Strategies

Advanced Pinterest Ad Strategies You Should Implement to Get More Sales

Why advertise on Pinterest? Pinterest has become a more powerful platform over the past few years. It is getting even more beloved by B2C customers. According to online marketing research, Pinterest users are more likely to spend money online than other Internet users. Statistically, they spend 2 times more on online acquisitions. You’ve probably been using Pinterest for a while and have your business account ready. If not, earlier, we explained how to create a Pinterest account for your business. In [...]