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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Not Using Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce? What are you missing :

Many ecommerce owners are asking what the difference is between enhanced analytics and regular ecommerce analytics. They’re also asking whether they should set up enhanced ecommerce in their websites. These questions led me to write this post to explain what you can do with enhanced ecommerce analytics and the benefits of using these tools. Google summarizes the additonal capabilities enhanced analytics in their analytics blog: Here are the main advantages that are really worth knowing: ● Analyze how far shoppers get in [...]

Google Analytics Certification

Tsvik – Google Analytics Certification

Tsvik – Google Analytics Certification My ( Tsvika Machluf ) Google Analytics Certification:the original certification in  google partners wesbsite:;idtf=104690006840391407765; Linkedin: For More info go visit

New SEO Reports

How to Improve Your Conversion Rates with New SEO Reports Using Google Analytics

Improving conversion rates with the new  Google Analytics SEO report Google is updating the Google Analytics system, now we learned of a significant additional update (after the addition of the interesting USER EXPLORER reports), and this time upgraded connection of the google search console to google analytics and an upgrade of organic traffic analytics report. This is a significant change to receive a better picture of the performance of your sales site (or any other site) and for optimizing the organic traffic so [...]