Facebook Ads One on One consulting (Skype)

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Facebook Ads consulting/coaching – One on One

– 45 Minutes on skype / google hangout

From newbie Basic Level to advanced Level

Learn to work with:

  • FB ads manager
  • FB editor
  • FB business manager.
  • manage all FB  ads types
  • Facebook audience creation

implementation of FB pixels:

  • basic Pixel, to event based, to FB dynamic remarketing pixels
  • pixels debuging

Facebook Ads Reporting

  • Advanced ROI focused FB reporting
  • ecommerce reporting : purchase data (including transaction data)

All Facebook Ads Type

  • Dynamic reamrketing ads
  • Remarketing ads set up
  • Facebook video ads
  • Facebook lead ads
  • Facebook audince network ads
  • and more

Facebook ads strategy

what are the right ads type for you business
which tool to use and when to use them

Questions ?

you are welcome to contact me on skype or mail   (before you pay or after)


All counslation are in English (Fluent) or Hebrew
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